Program Information and Forms

Here you will find all the information pieces and forms related to your camper's program.  Each link provides registration materials, health and permission forms, deans' letters, materials on homesickness and insurance, and other documents relevant to your camper.



Campers Attending East Bay Camp in Hudson, IL

EB310 Day Camp Forms

EB318-A/Y Junior Adventures - Single Day

EB328-D Science Adventure - Single Day

EB330-D Art Adventure - Single Day

EB332-D Adventure Girls - Single Day

EB336-D Adventure Boys - Single Day

EB340 Family Retreat

EB344 Family Camp 1

EB346 Family Camp 2

EB364-D Unplugged 1 - Single Day

EB366-D Unplugged 2 - Single Day

EB368-D Unplugged 3 - Single Day

EB394 Catch The Spirit Forms


Campers Attending Little Grassy Camp in Makanda, IL

Follow this link: Little Grassy Camp


Campers Attending Beulah Camp in Eldorado, IL

Follow this link:  Beulah Camp