Pilchard Hall and Hummel

Meeting Areas in Pilchard Hall and Hummel

There are three meeting spaces in Pilchard Hall.  The formal meeting room on the main floor is carpeted with large windows and a deck overlooking the beautiful Lake Bloomington.  The formal meeting room has internet connections, built in projector, and a new sound system.

Formal Meeting Space


A lower meeting hall with kitchenette has a capacity of 130, and a smaller, cozy meeting room in the Hummel addition provides yet another place for guests to gather.

Pilchard Hall and Hummel are about 100 steps away from the main dining hall, which provides additional meeting space for break-away rooms.  Pilchard and Hummel are fully climate-controlled and are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Lodging in Pilchard Hall and Hummel

Lodging in Pilchard is dormitory style with enough bunk beds for 78 persons.  Males and females may be divided in upstairs and downstairs bunk rooms. EBPlichardDorm 

In Hummel guests stay in motel-type rooms that typically sleep four persons and have their own bathroom.