Grants for Retreats

The IGRC Camping and Retreat Ministries (IGRC CRM) exists to equip local churches for their  ministry and to provide a connection for ministry beyond the local church. 

To that end the IGRC CRM offers programs, property, hospitality, and financial support to local churches, or to organizations within the local church, to assist in their disciple-making mission-- a mission that is greatly enhanced and energized by getaways for extended periods of time close to earth, water, and sky.

The camping commission has dedicated 20% of its annual budget to provision of grants for programming.  Priority is given to United Methodist groups starting up new programs.

There are four different types of grants available:

  • Integrated Program Grant:  Integrated programs are defined as programs conceived by local churches or individuals in them, heavily dependent upon IGRC staff, marketed as IGRC programs, and open to any who wish to register.
  • Partnership Program Grant: Partnership programs are those programmatically conceived and led by the local church, but heavily dependent on IGRC support services, including counselors, specialized staff, marketing, and registration.
  • Assisted Program Grant:  Assisted programs have a great degree of separation from the IGRC in terms of leadership, programming, and financial management, but still desire administrative services from the IGRC, which are negotiated as part of the grant and may include services like marketing,  registration, and specialized leaders.
  • Hosted Program Grant:  Hosted ministries are entirely independent of the IGRC CRM and contract for all services provided.

For more information or to apply for a grant, please contact the Camping and Retreats office at or call 217-529-3007.