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Thanks to all of the folks at East Bay who made my grand girls first camping experience totally delightful. They were full of chatter on the way out of the camp, and then, my husband said, total silence ! They were sound asleep and slept alll the way to Williamsville when Papa woke them up to get something to eat. AWESOME experience for girls who really needed a positive in their lives. BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU! !
Pat, Laurel United Methodist Church
Our camping ministry is one of (if not THE) strongest evangelism tool reaching our children and youth. Spending time surrounded by God's creation in all that is said and done, awakens and rekindles the Spirit within. Thanks be to God for all the faithful volunteers and staff over the years. You have truly been the heart of Jesus, changing our world!
Pastor Sharon Monroe, Mansfield UMC
East Bay Camp has been a life-changing place for many children. The Baby Fold is grateful to have this wonderful oasis of fun and tranquil place where transformational healing can occur. Baby Fold Camp is offered to children with severe emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities... Camp is a wonderful opportunity for these children to build friendships, gain self-esteem, and create positive memories that will stay with them forever. The staff of East Bay Camp, along with The Baby Fold staff, make special accommodations for all of these kids to create an atmosphere that will encourage them to learn new skills, overcome fears, and literally have the most fun week of their lives,
Dale Strassheim, CEO and President, The Baby Fold, Normal, IL
Thank you very much for housing us in the Woods Camp area from February 21-23 during our Intervarsity winter retreat. We enjoyed our stay very much and are hoping to use the facilities again in the future. On a personal note, the staff during our weekend stay was excellent. Please give them our thanks for the friendly service they provided. Each individual we met was very obviously filled with Christ's love and a love of the camp. They made our stay that much more enjoyable
Lauren & Millikin InterVarsity
I went to camp as a child and my kids went to camp. We all enjoyed it! Camp allows people to take a look at their faith as they soak up the glory of nature that God has created, without the distractions at home.
I'd like to express my thanks and gratitude to the volunteers. With out them taking time out of their busy lives, this opportunity would not have occurred. I am blessed with three children, and while my two oldest children know what its like to have me at home, my baby girl has no memory of that. Mommy and Me Camp provided us the chance to bond on a one-on-one basis, as well as strengthen my bond with my two oldest children. Camp provided the incentive... as it offered a gift of quality time with my children that I looked forward to with great joy. I have many fond memories of camp with my kids. The games we played, talks we had, and just being together. I 'll always be grateful for the opportunity to share special moments with my kids while I was here.
TS, inmate and participant in East Bay's Mommy and Me Camp, held at the prison.
I participated in Mom & Me Camp from 2001 to 2009. Mom & Me was always something to look forward to. Something to make me stay out of trouble, because I wanted my child to be one of the chosen 30 kids. The time that I spent with my son during Mom & Me was priceless. I was 7 months pregnant when I became incarcerated. I had my son in jail 2 days before my 18th birthday. My baby went home from the hospital with my mom, and I went back to jail on my 18th birthday. We have never been together except through prison visits. Mom & Me gave me and my son precious bonding time together that we never had on a regular visit. Through Mom & Me, my son and I established a wonderfully close relationship-- a relationship we still share, and he is now a 20-year old young man. My son and myself met awesome people. The volunteers were always so nice, so friendly, and so caring. They always had a way of making K feel as though he was the only child in the room that mattered, which was great, because he was very self-centered. Through Mom & Me K also built long-lasting friendships. He is currently still friends with 2 young ladies whom he met at Mom & Me Camp, and he is currently still one of Ms. F's biggest fans. I have been incarcerated for almost 21 years. The years I was able to participate in Mom & Me were the best years I spent in prison. Being able to spend one-on-one time with my son was something that I'll never be able to "Thank You" enough for.
MJ, inmate, particpant in Mom & Me Camp at East Bay